I have been interested in the possession and subsequently in the breeding of smooth-haired dachshunds since 2005. Members of this breed of dog are despite their small body dimensions notable for their big heart. I have also been active in the examinations of hunting dogs for a longer time. Both of these interests led me to an idea and lately to a decision to found my own kennel.

     My main goal is a breeding of healthy and fine-looking smooth-haired dachshunds which however have not drifted apart from their original hunting purposes and have not lost their original hunting qualities. I consider it very important because the working breeds, among the dachshunds still belong, are due to a better selection healthier than companion breeds or than the show varieties of the originally working breeds. Sport cynology and the dog’s work plays in it’s life a very positive role. With the selection not only for beauty but also for performance we achieve the selection not only for character but also for health. Any weaker dog – as for health or character – cannot stand the working claims, because it is slow, tired, hasn‘t enough endurance and resistence not only to a bad weather and illnesses, but to a mental stress, because it is not able to concentrate for a longer time, falls into decay or on the other hand behaves hysterically, has response to a gunfire, and so on. The hunting use of the dogs where high physical deployment is necessary reveals almost everything. In the hunting, the dogs need not only a good condition and health, but also the ability to learn, cooperate and to be resistant to stress.

     I think we should never forget about who has created the dachshunds in all their sizes and coat varieties and for what purpose they were bred. They were huntsmen, rangers and game keepers who needed a small dog for the hunting below and above the ground. Only hunting has created the dachshund and only hunting is able to keep it in its entire originality.