Litter A

This litter was planed and realized with the bitch Gerda z Poodri.Although the bitch is hold at the town, without the daily keep in touch with the hunting ground and game, she is used successfully during the forest drives for wild-boars, hunts for brown hares and fox-hunting in nature holes.She is naturally sharp against varmint, she is wide during the searching for the game and she is loud on the pug. She has passed the earth hunt test successfully. To improve some absences in her exterior and to be well-kept her aptitudes for the work at fox holes, she was scald with the dog Bright Boy Dachshaus. This dog has excellent exhibition successes and he has passed an earth hunt test with directly contact to the fox too. Two powerful puppies were born on 15.5.2009. The both puppies are dogs in the color „black and tan“. They have about 200 g weigh after their birth. They are called Ares and Apollon and their physique is a promise of valid health.