Litter B

I have bred the B-litter on my female Agnetha Obsidian Bohemia. She is very fearless and brave. In a hunting field, she represents a quiet killer of small predatory animals. She doesn't give a rest to any cat and has hunted down several common hamsters. When trained in the fox den she also preferred prowling quietly then barking at the fox locked behind the barrier. I have chosen a miniature studdog Findus vom Teckeltraum living in Germany after a thorough consideration. This dog has a perfect coat in a clear red colour, very dark eye and black pigment. He has a very vivid and passionate character with good nerves which he prooved by passing the exams (BHP 1 a Sfk). Puppies from this litter should be active and light miniature dachshund with a clear red coat.
3 healthy female puppies named Berolina, Borussia and Bertlinda were born on April 8, 2011.