Litter C

I have bred the C-litter on my female Dragonlady Wassa Duo. She is a very active, nosey and nimble female. With regard to the hunting I value many gifts, especially loudness on the animal trace, passionate and extensive searching and also a lust for the fox den work with a great loudness. As for the exterior, she is an outstanding female, which she proves with her show results. Nevertheless, I would like to improve the puppies‘ coat colour and reduce the black mixture. That’s why I chose an Austrian import Pannoniadachs Enzo as a sire of the litter. This studdog has an outstanding exterior, pure red coat colour, and a steady and calm character. From the mating on April 1, 2011 there were born 2 red female puppies named Clementine and Céline on June 4, 2011.