Litter D

I have bred the D-litter on my female C.I.B. Dragonlady Wassa Duo who is a very active and lively dachshund endowed with a lot of talent, which she proves with many passed trials and her multiple varied hunting usability. Just thanks to her talent,  performance and use by hunting she can be compared to even much bigger standard dachshunds which is very rare among the population of the miniature smoothhaired dachshunds nowadays. I value her exterior quality as well that gives her a big endurance while used in hunting.

To keep the same constitution and expression in her progeny, I tried to choose the stud who is similar in his constitution. I found the suitable dog in Denmark in the famous kennel Sundsdal’s and he is a Canadian import C.I.E., Ch. Grandgables Wee Brush Strokes, red coloured, very slightly brindle. This dog has an exterior which appeals to me very much and I consider it the most typical in the miniature dachshund. It means he has a correct size, strong body, is very firm yet noble, has a correct height, sharply shaped head with a masive muzzle and well set and long ears. Not only many prestige awards from the international shosw and also very successful offsprings in various parts of the world I had a chance to see personally, prove his quality.
From the mating on July 27, 2012 there were 4 puppies born after 60 days of pregnancy on September 24, 2012 – 3 males and 1 female