Litter E

I have bred the E-litter  on my female Agnetha Obsidian Bohemia. As I have mentioned before, this female is equipped with strong inter-species hatered against other small predators that is expressed by sharpness against vermin and cats. This female is not too lound on track though. Her interesting quality is strong territorial bahaviour. She doesn't miss any opportunity to gain possibility to push off  the enemy and entruder to her territory. As for her exterior, her body is on the problematic border of a kaninchen and a miniature size. Just the occurence of the characteristics of both sizes harmes some of her features.

Pannoniadachs Enzo, imported form Austira, became the sire of this litter. I chose this male mainly because of his red coat, which I absolutely prefer. This male has never shown a gene for the black/tan colour and he gave strictly the red coat colour to his offsprings. Perfect movement, strong top-line and correctly shaped chest belongs to the merits of this male. His overall massive body meets my demands, because I would like to achieve miniature puppies, that will have better chance to be used for hunting because of their higher endurance and resistance to bad weather.

From the mating on 9.5.2013 there were 4 healthy red puppies born on 10.7.2013 (2 males and 2 females).