Litter F

I have bred the F litter on my female C.I.B. Dragonlady Wassa Duo. I have mentioned before her merits, such as spacious nose, chasing and her passion to work under ground. Dragonlady hasn't showed her hunting abilities only at the trials, but in the hunting practice, as she has been used many times. In my opinion, the hunting trial itself doesn't make the dog a working dog. Dachshund becomes a working dog only as it is used in a practice hunt. This female always persuades me that one of her most valued talent is a loudness on track. This ability seems to slowly disappear in the population of the miniature dachshunds. As she finds the track, she loudly announces and follows it. While hunting, she never chases the animals too far away, doesn't run away, but she tries to push the animals toward me and cooperate constantly. I consider this by the hunting dog at the most required and necessary, because the dog, that runs away and and doesn't cooperate with its owner is more a big burden than an effective hunting help. Dragonlady has a great oriantation sense thanks to the hunting practice.

 I-Yaromir Zimerbude became the sire of this litter. This red miniature male, coming from the Kaliningrad's region in Russia lives in the well-known Czech kennel Gapro Bohemia. The male has a nice exterior, especially beautiful is his noble head with long ears. I value the hunting abilities of this dog. His winning the bloodtrack trials shows not only his desire to chase the animals from the bushes, but laso his good nerves, nose and ability to concentrate on the bloodtrack.

I expect not only the good exterior of the offsprings, but I hope also in the good quality hunting abilities, that mostly disappear in the population of the miniature dachshunds.  

From the mating on 13.4.2014 2 healthy male puppies were born on 13.6.2014.