Litter G

Litter G was bred with the female Borussia von Sbaritz and is historically the first litter bred on the female coming from my breed. Although I don't own this female, I had a chance to train her, take part in the bloodtrack trials with her and show her on several exhibitions.  This female has a German pedigree from her sire's side that is almost unrelated to the population of dachshunds in CZ. As for her exterior qualities I value her noble head with long ears, her topline as well as underline and clear red coat colour. Although this female is not loud on track, she can hunt around very passionate. In spite of her temperament she is very well controllable, because she is not too "tough".

Pannoniadachs Enzo became the sire of this litter, an import from Austria, owned by my wife (kennel Onyx Moravia). This male was used because he has already proved himself in my breeding in the past. He has never given any disqualifying fault to his offsprings in my breeding, on the contrary he helped to improve the body and stabilize the clear red coat colour. The character of this male is peaceful, non-irritable, even flegmatic. Unfortunatelly this male has never been much evolved in hunting, so I cannot say anything more in this way about him.

From the mating on 26.4.2014 4 healthy red puppies were born on 26.6.2014, 1 male and 3 females.