Litter I

Litter I is the second litter of Clementine von Sbaritz. This female is owned by our friends, The Hastíks, who decided to breed together with me and follow my advice. Clementine herself is a daughter of my female C.I.B. Dragonlady Wassa Duo, who used to be my best hunting dog for several years. Also Clementine ownes a top quality exterior and shows excellent hunting talent.

We decided to repeat the mating  with the stud C.I.B. I-Yaromir Zimerbude, who lives in the kennel Gapro Bohemia. This male has a perfect exterior with a massive muzzle and long ears and also nice character and hunting talent. Also the puppies from the first litter doesn't show any defect.

Litter I was born on 7.1.2016 - 4 males and 1 female in the red coat colour.