Litter J

Litter J is bred as the last litter of female Agnetha Obsidian Bohemia. I had not originally planned to mate this female. Only just due to the fact that this is an excellent brood female without mating troubles, with natural births and excellent care of the puppies, I made the fourth litter. I mentioned the temperament and hunting properties of this female before. l appreciate her peculiar affection and loyalty to my person, because this female can accompany me, even in a bad weather, which she doesn't take into account and her sole aim is to be always with me.

 As in the previous litters, also this time the father of the litter became red miniature male Pannoniadachs Enzo, which I proved more than amply. Even this boy acts now in my kennel for the last time, because his breeding potential was used by me completely. He helped to improve the puppies' skeleton, tail carriage, movement and stabilized the red color of the coat.
 From the mating, which was held on January 12, 2016 3 puppies were born composed of two males and one female on March 19, 2016.