Litter M

The litter M is the first standard litter of our female Beauty. We have imported this female from Croatia and is the first standard red brindle dachshund registred in the Czech Stud book. Beauty has an excellent exterior quality and she was always evaluated as excellent. She shows perfect hunting passion. I appreciate her excellent loudness on wild track and passion for searching and hounting of wild the most. Beauty is very good in obedience and she does not run so far during the hunt, which is very good for me during the hunting.

We have chosen the red male Preston z Dachu, as a father of this litter, who is a sut dog in Poland. This male has an outstanding exterior and he fulfilled the conditionf for titles C.I.B. a C.I.E.. Although he is not used in hunting, he has passed the blood track test and he is very brave. We have chosen this stud dog for his non relative pedigree, perfect exterior and middle size, that is suitable for our future breeding plans. 

The litter M was born naturally on 8.6.2017 in the composition of one male and two females. One female is red brindle and the other siblings are red. All are vital and healthy.