Litter R

   Litter R is the first litter of the red miniature female Champagne von Sbaritz. This female is owned by our friends, The Tomans, who decided to breed together with me and follow my advices. Champagne is a daughter of my miniature female Agnetha Obsidian Bohemia and is a typical miniature dachshund. She proved her hunting talent, mainly her apetite to track animals, because she passed the bloodtrack trials. 
 Primarily from the reason to fix the red hair color of the puppies we decided to breed her to a red miniature stud dog Ch. Staier's Flipper, import from Russia, who lives in the kennel Julin in Poland. This male misses the gene for black-and-tan hair color. The dod is also high-spirited and very movable.

 The litter was born naturally on 21.3.2019 in the composition of 2 males and 2 females. All puppies are red, vital and without defects.