Litter S

     The litter S is the first litter of the red miniature female Lili Marleen von Sbaritz, owned by my friend, Jaromír Hastík. The female is direct descendant of my former very successful female C.I.B. Dragonlady Wassa Duo. This female is very moving and with large action area during searching. Regarding her hunting talent she successfully passed the blood track test and shoved her excellent nose and passion to find hunted game.
I chosed the stud dog abroad because I wanted to fix the red hair color in the next breed. The father of the litter is Ch. Staier’s Flipper.  This very moving and lively red dog is imported from Russia, living in Poland in kennel „Julin“. The dog does not have a gene for black-and-tan hair color.

There were 6 healthy puppies born on 4 April 2019. The litter consists of 1 male and 5 females.