Litter U

            Litter U is the first litter of our kaninchen female Originelle Prinzess von Sbaritz, who comes from the third kaninchen dachshund generation from my breeding. Prinzess has an easy-going and happy character, excellent exerior and has also excellent hunting talent. She has passed the bloodtrack trials and special contest in work on rabbit. 
 Just as in the most cases in this kaninchen bloodlines, I have chosen the abroad studdog. Behind this step is my breeding effort  to keep the genetic variety in the population of the kaninchen dachshunds and also my antipathy toward copying the breeding plans of other breeders.
 I have chosen  the studdog in Austria at the breeder Tündi Keller Rudics and  it is a red kaninchen
male Petar Pan od Beljina. This studdog comes from Serbia and he is a true kaninchen dog, yet with a strong and compact bone.

 From the mating on 27.10.2020 there were 5 puppies born on 26.12.2020 in the composition of 4 males and 1 female. Two males and a female have a black and tan colour and two males are red. I expect a kaninchen size in the most of the puppies.