Year 2018

23.1.2018 - I used the opportunity of a hunting the Reeves pheasant (Syrmaticus reevesii) in the free hunting ground. The hunt of these inconspicuous but shy birds was not easy at all, like it seemed. I also managed to hunt a  rarity hybrid of Reeves pheasant and common pheasant in the end.

13.1.2018 - Silvie Tomanova attended the National dog show in Brno with our offsprings. Kaninchen female Kirsten Dunst von Sbaritz received the evaluation V1 in the working class. This female was successful evaluated as a breed female end received the evaluaton code 0a/06/5-HLK. Miniature female Champagne von Sbaritz received the evaluation V1, CAC in the working class.  
Very clever Justýnka Tomanová succeeded at Juniorhandling and received full 60 points.

I wish to all our friends and owners of our offsprings a Merry Christmas and healthy, happy and successful Year 2018.